Design Impacts Long-Term Maintenance: Choosing the Right MEP Partner is Key

How Upfront Planning Affects Building Operations for Years to Come

When embarking on a new construction project, most clients' focus is understandably on the design phase and energizing the facility. However, it's important to consider how upfront decisions about mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems will influence maintenance requirements and occupant comfort long after construction is complete.

The layout, sizing and specifications determined by the MEP consultant and contractor will quite literally shape the infrastructure supporting your facility for decades. Improperly designed or installed HVAC equipment, plumbing networks and electrical gear can lead to inefficient performance, unexpected breakdowns and higher life-cycle costs through constant repairs.

That's why choosing an experienced MEP specialist like SAG Contracting is so important. Our team of licensed engineers, BIM experts and LEED-accredited technicians thoroughly model and coordinate all building systems from the start. Through value engineering assessments, we also identify optimization opportunities to enhance sustainability and lower total ownership costs.

During the defect liability period and beyond, SAG remains available to assist with preventative maintenance programs, retro-commissioning and facility upgrades. This ensures designed capacities, functions and service life expectations are fully realized - keeping occupants comfortable and operations running smoothly for years to come.

With the right MEP partner, clients gain the long-term assurance that upfront design excellence translates into reliable, efficient performance long after construction wraps. Let SAG's expertise work for you and your facility's future.

Administrator February 12, 2024
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