Pipe Fitter

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Job Title: Pipe Fitter

Department: MEP Services

Job Description

As a Pipe Fitter, you will fabricate, assemble and install piping systems for plumbing, HVAC and related applications.

Key Responsibilities:

Measure, cut, thread, groove and weld pipe to specifications using appropriate tools
Connect pipes to valves, fittings, equipment and other components
Assemble and install piping system infrastructure for mechanical rooms
Adhere to design drawings, schematics and project plans
Ensure proper slope, alignment and support for piping runs
Test systems for leaks or other defects before approval
Comply with all safety standards related to pipe fitting work
Liaise with plumbers, welders and other tradespeople on site

Pipefitting certification or extensive commercial experience
Thorough knowledge of piping materials and joining techniques
Ability to read and understand technical diagrams/blueprints
Proficiency operating pipe threading, cutting and welding tools
Attention to detail in measurements and installation quality
Willingness to work at heights on scaffolding as required
Strong mechanical aptitude and problem-solving skills
Communication skills for collaboration on job sites
We offer competitive wages, benefits and training programs. If you have the skills and experience for this integral role, please apply today!